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Error 20 message showing up and is preventing the users from getting into Sage Pastel Partner/Xpress program.


There are a few cause of this error such as:

  1. Pervasive Engine is not running - Pervasive Engine Icon appears with a red cross sign or does not exist on the task bar
  2. Pervasive License has expired or does not exist
  3. Connectivity between client and server.


On Workstations / Server:
  1. Manually Start Pervasive
    1. Go to Start Menu - All Programs - Pervasive - Pervasive.SQL - Engines - Start Workgroup Engine
    2. Double check on the task bar to see if the Pervasive Engine Icon has appeared or has changed from red cross sign to green.
    3. If the above has not worked, please continue below.

  2. Check if you have the Correct Licenses
    1. Please double click on the Pervasive Engine Icon on the task bar
    2. Pervasive Engine details screen should appear. Please note down the engine detail. ie Database Service Manager for Workgroup Engine 9.60
      (If the icon does not exist, please find the details at  Start Menu - All Programs - Pervasive - Pervasive.SQL - Other Utilities - Monitor, and find on toolbar for Help - About screen)
    3. Go to Start Menu - All Programs - Pervasive - Pervasive.SQL - Other Utilities - License Administrator
    4. When License Administrator dialog has appeared, on the bottom half of the dialog, there are a list of Applied Licenses
    5. Please make sure that there is a Permanent License Type that matches with your Pervasive workgroup or client/server engine as well as the correct version you are using.

      If there is a Permanent Licenses that has a different version to your Pervasive Engine Version, please reinstall pervasive with the correct version. (You will need to use the PSA to uninstall or please view our technical document on re-installing Pervasive)
      If there are no Permanent Licenses, you will need to re-register your Pastel Program. Please contact our support staff at to obtain a temporary pervasive license in order to get into your Sage Pastel program for registration.

  3.    Check Map Drive Connection (Workstation only)

      Sometimes, when a workstation does not have access to the server, an "error 20" could show up. 

      To check if your mapped network drive, go to My Computer, your mapped drives should appears right after your local drives (local hard disks and optical disks).

      If you find it there, double click on the mapped drive, to make sure that the connection is up and running. In that case close windows and try to connect on Sage Pastel Partner/Xpress program again.

      If you do not have a mapped drive for the Sage Pastel Partner/Xpress program folder in the server, please recreate the map network drive (right click on my computer, "Map Network Drive...", in the windows that shows, browse for the shared Sage Pastel Partner/Xpress program folder in your server and choose a letter for it, and click on OK)

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